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What is a JSA and why is it important?

A JSA is a Job Safety Analysis, and is the first thing that the team at Australian Gutter Cleaning Co. complete when they arrive at a customer’s property when gutter cleaning in Adelaide.

When you are looking for a trusted gutter cleaner in Adelaide, it is important to consider not only quality of work that will be done, and their efficiency, but also safety and transparency. When we are gutter cleaning in Adelaide, we prepare a JSA which allows us to be aware, prepared and document any potential hazards onsite.

We look for things like low power lines, hanging trees, slippery surfaces, broken gutter brackets, access issues, cracked tiles and rusted iron. We also note where the nearest hospital is and make sure we are aware of emergency numbers just in case.

This is all about preventing an accident and maintaining compliance with our Working Safely At Heights licences, and public liability insurance.

It also gives our wonderful customers peace of mind that we are keeping everyone safe while on their property! To read more about our thoughts on safety, read message from owner/director Mike here.

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