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What do professionals use to clean gutters?

When considering whether to clean your gutters yourself or engage a professional gutter cleaning company instead, you may be wondering what the difference is? And in fact, what do professionals use to clean gutters? Firstly, they are knowledgeable and experienced in gutter cleaning. A professional gutter cleaner also commonly has specialised tools and equipment to get the job done. One such piece of equipment is a gutter cleaning vacuum. Here are some of items that professional gutter cleaners may use:

1. Gutter cleaning vacuum

This is a serious piece of equipment, and one that not all professional gutter cleaning specialists will have access to. A gutter cleaning vacuum quickly and efficiently vacuums all leaves and debris from gutters. It draws waste straight into a drum that the team empties off site. A gutter cleaning vacuum also can have the added advantage of reach poles, which can make cleaning high gutters or difficult-to-access gutters a much safer process. A professional 2 story gutter cleaner absolutely still cleans gutters without a gutter cleaning vacuum. They clear the gutters by hand. However, this can take longer and often requires a more significant clean up to the perimeter of the property due to debris falling during the clean. Here at Australian Gutter Cleaning Co. we use fantastic machines by the pros at Australian Industrial Vacuum.

2. Safety equipment

Professional gutter cleaning teams should always use appropriate safety equipment while at your property, especially when cleaning high gutters. Depending on a variety of factors, this could be gloves and high visibility clothing or for high level gutter cleaning it could involve a safety harness. Other items commonly used by professional gutter cleaning companies are helmets, magnetic shoes (for iron roofs), masks and ladder safes. Have a read of our safety message from owner/director Mike here.

3. Years of knowledge and experience

That’s right, it comes in handy! A professional gutter cleaning company would have been on many roofs, under all kinds of conditions. In particular a 2 story gutter cleaner or one that specialises in cleaning high gutters, confidently works at heights (the best ones are licensed to work at heights!). You want your professional gutter cleaner to have no issues with high level gutter cleaning. True gutter cleaning specialists safely access and navigate roofs of all materials and conditions. They ensure there is no damage caused while completing the job.

gutter cleaning expert on roof with gutter cleaning vacuum

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