The truth about Gutter Guard

When we are on the job while gutter cleaning in Adelaide, we often get asked “should I get gutter guard or leaf mesh?”.

And the answer absolutely varies, depending on a number of factors. For instance what location or suburb of Adelaide do you live in? What tree coverage do you have? How many gutters and valleys do you have? Many things impact whether you should get gutter guard in Adelaide.

The reason these questions are important, is because gutter guard/leaf mesh is an all or nothing product. In our opinion, and more importantly based on what we see everyday, if you don’t cover every gutter and every valley then gutter guard will end up actually being counterproductive. Leaves and debris can get caught under the guard and cause blockages in your gutters.

In the right situation, gutter guard can be a true asset to your property. Here at Australian Gutter Cleaning Co. we supply and install Leaf Stopper which is a premium Australian made product. It is available in a range of colours to suit your home, and it is built to last.

So, when considering gutter guard, make sure you ask yourself if you are committed to installing the product on all gutters and valleys on your property, as there is the potential that you will still require gutter cleaning even with gutter guard or leaf mesh installed. Get in touch with us today to chat about what option is best for your property.

Image shows roof in Adelaide with gutter guard, blocked gutters and debris

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