What are the top 10 most random things hiding in your gutters?

The gutters on our homes are often out of sight, out of mind. But when you’re up on roofs all day like we are, you tend to come across some very interesting things. Here are the top ten most random things we’ve found hiding in your gutters:

#10 – Balls

Golf ball found while gutter cleaning
Plastic ball found while gutter cleaning
Ball found while gutter cleaning

OK, we’ll admit it’s no surprise that plenty of balls end up in the gutters, but here are a couple of the more interesting ones that we have come across in our travels.

#9 – Santa’s can

Can found in downpipe

Well it appears that Santa may have been a little thirsty on his last trip across the skies! His drink must have accidentally fallen out of the sleigh and landed in the downpipe of one of our customers who ended up with a pretty nasty blockage.

#8 – Eggs

block gutters with birds eggs found inside

Coming in at number eight, a pair of eggs. Come to think of it, a blocked gutter is probably a very attractive place for a bird to create a nest and lay eggs. It’s not uncommon for us to come across our winged friends who have happily made a home there. It’s delicate work to relocate them, but we make sure any eggs we find are taken to the nearest park.

#7 – Succulent

succulent plant found while gutter cleaning

At number seven we have a very fancy succulent. This giant beauty was found growing in a gutter – can you believe it! Imagine how long it was up there to get to that size. It was carefully removed and planted in the garden to continue to thrive where it could be appreciated.

#6 – Bird

bird found while gutter cleaning
bird found in broken fan while gutter cleaning

In sixth place we have this little fellow, who had found a very clever hiding place in a broken fan. Ok – he wasn’t ‘technically’ in the gutter, but close enough! We made sure he was able to get out safely while we were on the roof of this 6 storey property.

#5 – Sunnies

Sunglasses found in gutter in Adelaide

Are you (like us) always losing your sunnies? Might be worth checking in the gutters next time, as you can see they can sometimes end up there!

#4 – Gutter Caterpillar

gutter caterpillar removed and laying on the footpath
gutter caterpillar still in the gutter

Earning fourth place is this HUGE fellow, commonly known in the industry as a ‘gutter caterpillar’. Unwanted weeds can get very comfortable growing in gutters and create a hefty root system that can cause all sorts of blockages!

#3 – Mattress

Mattress found while cleaning gutter in Adelaide

Well that’s one place to take a nap! This roof could double as a spare bedroom for someone looking to catch some rays while the rest.

#2 – Snake

Snake found while gutter cleaning in Adelaide

In second place we have a slithery friend! Snakes are pretty clever at getting into all sorts of nooks and crannies, even your gutters unfortunately. Don’t worry, safety is our number one priority so we kept our distance and called the professionals to relocate this little guy.

#1 – Teddy Bear

toy teddy bear found in gutter while gutter cleaning

And the blue ribbon has to go to this guy, who gave us a hell of a fright when we discovered him in the gutter! The cute little teddy bear was obviously thrown in the air a little too high, and landed in this two storey gutter at a local school.

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