Living in the Adelaide Hills

Australian Gutter Cleaning Co. loves the Adelaide Hills, and even moreso, loves helping the Adelaide Hills community when it comes to gutter cleaning!

Due to all of the the beautiful and large gum trees, many of our Adelaide Hills customers feel like they’re often fighting a never ending battle…but that’s where we can help.

Some of our most satisfying cleans are the full gutters in Stirling, Aldgate, Blackwood and Bellevue Heights.

When living in the Adelaide Hills it’s important to maintain the health of your gutters with regular cleaning and maintenance – for many reasons. One important reason is fire danger season, where full gutters can pose a fire hazard for your property when considering that during a bush fire, flying ash can travel for many kilometres. The South Australian Country Fire Service recommends that gutters are regularly cleaned to help prepare properties for bushfire survival.

Leading into winter it’s just as important to maintain your gutters and ensure they are clear of leaves and debris. Heavy rain running into your gutters will attempt to travel to the nearest downpipe, however if your gutters are blocked, that rain water has nowhere to drain. This can result in water back filling into your ceilings and potentially causing further damage.

So have us out to your Adelaide Hills home and let us help you clean your gutters so that you can relax outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery the Adelaide Hills has to offer!

Gutter cleaning using a gutter cleaning vacuum in the Adelaide Hills

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