How exactly do you clean a gutter?

We often get asked, “how do you clean my gutters?” and the answer is, any way possible to get the job done!

On a standard property, we remove all leaves and debris from all gutters and dispose of the waste. Once the gutters are clear we will go over all the gutters and valleys with a high powered leaf blower, this helps to dislodge any build up and also remove any dust and dirt that has accumulated. We then wash out all of the gutters and valleys with a pressure hose to leave your gutters sparkly clean.

During the cleaning process we also use hand held tools to flush out the downpipes and dislodge any debris. We will then use the pressure hose to flush the downpipes to ensure they are draining as best they can.

Finally, we then clean up the ground perimeter around the entire house, leaving all gutters, paths and driveways clean and looking fantastic!

Depending on a few factors, we may complete the clean by hand, or using a high powered gutter vacuum. The vacuum is especially handy for gutters that have mud or wet leaves & debris.

When homes have gutter guard or leaf mesh installed, we first have to remove all of the mesh and then follow the above procedure, before reinstalling the mesh.

We certainly hope this helps anyone in the Metro Adelaide and Greater Adelaide suburbs next time you decide to have your gutters cleaned.

The team at Australian Gutter Cleaning Co. are always happy to explain this process further, and offer any possible advice or solutions to issues that you face with your gutters.

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